About us

We believe the making of a genuine, authentic Montessori Preschool consists in more than just the teacher giving lessons or the materials in the classroom. It is a complete attitude toward children, a way of understanding their unique nature and supporting them to become the very best, fullest versions of themselves.

Gatehouse Montessori is a brand new Centre, opening midyear 2017. We are committed to meeting the need for high quality education for all young children. Our class structure is designed to provide a positive and nurturing atmosphere for children 2 ½ to 6 years of age.

We have a deep respect for the child as a unique individual and it is our goal for each child to have a highly successful learning experience. Our vision is as simple and as valid as it was over a century ago for Maria Montessori, namely - Follow the child! We invite you to join us on the exciting journey that lies ahead for your child.