“The children in our schools have proven to us that their real wish is to be always at work – a thing never before suspected, just as no one had ever before noticed the child’s power of choosing his work spontaneously. Following an inner guide, the children busied themselves with something (different for each) which gave them serenity and joy.” - Maria Montessori.

Authentic Montessori & Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Preschool Program

Gatehouse Montessori is an authentic Montessori Preschool, offering the full Montessori Curriculum for preschool aged children, not just a good quality day care with some Montessori aspects!

Our Montessori Program has been tailored to, and blended with, the Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is the national early childhood education program.

With this integrated curriculum, we ensure our students experience a carefully planned, stimulating environment, which will help each child develop an excellent foundational base for creative learning.